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And now for something completely different....

A project I've been working on for the past year has finally come to fruition. It's a Web site devoted entirely to James Joyce, my favorite writer. Specifically, it examines the role that music plays throughout Joyce's works — Dubliners, A Portrait, Ulysses, Finnegans Wake, the whole shebang. Besides essays and images, the site features music clips taken from a recording of 17 songs (out of thousands) that Joyce mentions in his books. The performances are by Kevin McDermott, tenor, and Ralph Richey, pianist. Not surprisingly, the name of the CD is "Music from the Works of James Joyce." If you like music and like Joyce, then you will LOVE this site.

Other than that, you can learn a little more about me and what I do here. And here.

Speaking of Writing

Oh, you came here for the stories? Well, I'm afraid I've been a bit lax in that department. But not to leave you disappointed, why don't I tantalize you with this fishy confection? It's called My Date with a Delta. BTW, the events recounted in this tale really happened. Really.


Here are a couple of puzzles that I built in Flash and later sold to Shockwave. God knows if the folks there ever used them.

RSVP is a retro rebus-type brain teaser that was first developed for print by my pal the great puzzlemeister Don Rubin. We later collaborated on BALLS, which is an evolved kind of jigsaw puzzle — except that the content of the pieces moves. Hard to get oriented when the picture you're trying to reassemble is constantly in motion!

Try 'em, you'll like 'em. Did I mention you need a plug-in? (If you don't already have it, then these puzzles are probably too dangerous for you.)

Places to Go on the Web

Welcome to my link farm. Actually, it's more like a petting zoo! Moo. Cluck. Baaa.

Myo ho ren ge kyo

The blog of my great good friend Gina the Writer. Click on the image ("Myo") to read her RESUME. Did I mention she's brilliant?

Paul Chessare

A Mountain Man, Paul is a designer, artist, photographer, funny writer, and all around good fellow. Unlike some of us, he actually updates hot throbbing brain.

James Lileks

What kind of link farm would this be if I didn't include Lileks in it? This ranks as one of the top 10 destinations on the Web, in my book.


Dean Allen, Brit expat, lives and writes in Pompignan, France. Think of his 'blog, Textism, as a kind of Euro-Lileks: witty, urbane, insightful. But with fewer pictures.

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